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Sangeeta Goyal is an interior designer who is passionate about creating beautiful modern and classic/contemporary interiors. She has a background of pharmacy qualification. Her knowledge of science has helped her to understand the value of successful design and ergonomics in order to support the well being of the individual. After 2.5years of intensive interior design training at a leading London School of Design she graduated in 2010 with a merit diploma in professional interior design. She is people focused, analytical and a calm professional whose strength lies in clearly communicating her intentions to her customers so that she can deliver her services efficiently. She enjoys working with colour and loves creating mood and atmosphere with lighting. She has a keen eye for furniture, staircase and rug designs and loves to create bespoke designs for her clients.

Green Interior Design

Sarah Turner's beautiful handmade eco products
Sarah Turner is an eco-designer who loves the challenge of transforming every day waste materials in to beautiful objects.  I particularly like her creativity of decorative lighting from used plastic drinks bottles collected locally where lives.

The bottles are cleaned and sand blasted to give the opaque look then they are hand cut and sculpted into decorative forms.  One would not be able to tell what they originate from as the waste plastic bottles are completely transformed into something beautiful and functional.

Timco Wood
Timco Wood is made from 100% recycled wood chips and high density polyethylene plastics. This conserves the earth's natural resources(wood) and reduces issues regarding landfill sites.  

It has the natural warm feel of wood and the durability of the polyethylene plastic.  This means that it has a natural wood look which is low maintenance as it won't rot, warp, or splinter and is mould resistant, water resistant and slip resistant.  Hence decking, cladding, fencing and balustrade made out of Timco Wood will last for years to come without much maintenance.  It is available in a range of colours, materials and textures to create stunning looks.

LED Lights by Deltalight
Lighting design that creates stunning effects for residential and commercial interior and display lighting.

Green Work Surface - Richlite Surface Materials
This is a paper composite surface material that are made either with FSC certified (rapidly renewable eucalyptus tree) or post consumer recycled paper in order to minimise the company's environmental impact.  Richlite products are GREENGUARD certified for in door use in residential, schools & intitutional environments and contribute to LEED points
The surfaces are produced using an innovative and efficient WE (Waste-to-Energy) manufacturing system that captures toxins, Co2, and heat (released during manufacture) and converts it  in to energy in-order to fuel the manufacturing process.  This greatly minimises fossil fuel consumption by 83%, reduces pollution and Co2 emission.

Richlite has been produced since 1943 as a material for industrial purposes that were adapted by the aerospace, marine and commercial food industries.  Architects and designers discovered the material in the late 1990s and began specifying it for high end-residential and commercial counter tops and reception bar areas.  Richlite is also popular surface material for indoor wall cladding, work surfaces, stair treads and artistic features.

It is durable and environmentally friendly.  The material has a smooth finish and a uniform colour.  I can only describe it as being like a mat granite look.  It is light weight and the inherent strength enables the surface to accommodate long spans and cantilevers without extra support.

It is scratch, heat and stain proof hence it is ideal for kitchen work tops.  In the U.S. and Canada Richlite products are sold through kitchen, bathroom and green building product dealers supported by a network of certified fabricators to ensure quality installations.

Milliken Carpets
Milliken create sustainable flooring.  The Milliken family of companies has the status as the only carbon negative organisation in the textile and carpet industry.  This means that Milliken family of companies' initiatives in alternative energy use, renewable resource and forestation remove more carbon form the atmosphere than the sum of its emissions from all global business activities.

At every level the company looks at how they can add environmental value across design, manufacture and end of life management.  They create products that are environmentally sound, have increased longevity and can be reused at the end of the product's life cycle.

They follow design for environmental guidelines, considering way to reduce raw material usge and ensuring recycling or reuse.  They also use local suppliers where possible to minimise the impact of transportation.  

Milliken is a carbon negative company investing in alternative energy generation to reduce fossil fuel consumption:
- Steam condensate from digital patterning process is reused to reduce energy consumption.
- Small scale hydroelectric plants generate 7% of total company usage.
- Methane is piped from landfill sites to reduce natural gas consumption at Millken's largest 
carpet production facility.

The remaining emissions are offset through extensive sustainably managed forestry, with over 1 million trees nurtured each year. 

Hence Milliken carpets have a Carbon Neutral certification.

Innovation in Bamboo and Palm by Smith & Fong
Smith and Fong produce bamboo  and palm plywood, flooring, veneers and paneling products.  They only use mature moso bamboo and palm which are FSC certified, which means that they are rapidly renewable materials.  The products are available in zero added Formaldehyde where soya adhesive is used as bonding agent.

The products have passed the most stringent emission standards currently available any where, covering 36 different VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  They are certified by SCS certification systems for meeting Indoor Advantage Gold, indoor air quality standards.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo plywood application for kitchen cabinets

The bamboo flooring for retail, commercial or residential use adds a warm natural touch to the interior, is durable, easy to install and looks good.

To see more products visit: http://www.smithfongbamboo.co.uk/